15 Most Popular Tradeshow Topics of 2014

We stand on the horizon of another great year, with the memories of the last soon fading away behind us. Where did the time go? It’s been an exciting year for trade show event marketers. Technology and connectivity have continued to change the way we present and follow up. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve learned.

Here at Monster’s Displays Advice Blog we always try to feature the most interesting and insightful articles from around the web to share. The topics we write about are taken from over 14 years of experience and it is our sincere hope that what we’ve learned can make a positive impact on the success of your tradeshow exhibition.

Without further ado, let’s recap the 15 most popular tradeshow topics of 2014 you don’t want to miss!

1) 10 Lessons from a First Time Tradeshow

“There’s a first time for everything” right? The first step in a journey is often the most challenging, but also where you learn the most. You often learn more from your first “trial by fire” than you will your next several convention events put together.

2) Trade Show Countdown Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed by a long list of convention preparation needs and aren’t sure where to begin? The months leading up to a trade show are stressful for even the most prepared and experienced team. You will want to strategize your venue, plan your objectives and how to achieve them, along with ensuring everything is ready with your display booth and other marketing collateral.

3) Maintaining Your Trade Show Display to Protect Your Investment

With so much of your marketing budget going into the purchase of a display, it is very important that it holds up to repeated use. After all, budgets rarely get larger and the entire purpose of your trade show strategy is to make a stunning impression on attendees time and time again. Let’s learn the most common pitfalls that companies fall into, and how maintaining your trade show display helps protect your investment for years to come!

4) Boost Trade Show Booth Traffic with 5 Strategies

Getting someone to head home with some desk widgets or tools with your company logo on them can be excellent for brand retention, but what about getting more people to visit your booth that should have a genuine interest in your product?

5) How to Utilize On-Site Social Media In Your Trade Show Exhibit

Are you looking for ways to improve your on-site strategy at your next trade show? Even if you have an outstanding trade show exhibit, with innovative displays that make your product almost jump off the shelf, compelling literature, and giveaways that everyone wants, your company is limiting itself if not finding ways to connect with customers outside of the convention.

6) Go-To Guide to Trade Show Preparation

The days and even months of trade show preparation leading up to a convention can be very stressful for your team, especially if you are a first timer. Experience is often the only way to know what prep time is required, how else can you prepare for hidden expenses such as electricity or internet access.

7) Trade Show Survival Kit – Don’t Exhibit Without It

Trade shows are an exercise in proving Murphy’s Law is more than a series of ironic calamities. Small mishaps can be very costly when they impact how well you achieve goals necessary to meet your expected ROI. It usually takes experience (or a borderline paranoid sense of preparation) to foresee many of the problems that can arise at a trade show.

8) 5 Ways to Make Your Brand More Tech Savvy at the Show Floor

Learn these 5 ways to make your brand more tech savvy, and begin to leverage modern devices to help you start the conversation the old fashion way. These simple but productive suggestions add technology to your exhibit marketing strategy, in order to attract more visitors, generate more leads and boost future revenues.

9) Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas that Convert Leads Better

Are you looking for ways to improve your on-site strategy at your next trade show? Tradeshow giveaway items can be a great way to give your exhibit visitors something to go home with so they can better remember your brand. Many of these items have become a status quo and show up time and time again at conventions – but do they do a good job at motivating a call back?

10) 5 Ways to Create Happy Customers

Focusing your business practices on creating happy customers isn’t just something that benefits the buyer – your positive engagement adds to a cycle that allows you to curb negative reviews and generate retention within your client base. The true value of good customer relations is difficult to quantify and dangerous to overlook. Keeping customers happy effects not only one person coming back to buy from you, but the dozens of friends they may have shared their experience with that you have no way of tracking

11) Email Marketing Guide for Exhibitors

Well done exhibit pro! Your upcoming tradeshow booth space is booked and backwall display designed and finished. Now you can fold your arms behind your head, kick your feet up and let the days tick down till convention day- right?

12) 5 Email Hooks Based on Marketing Psychology

Marketing may work hand in hand with Sales to generate leads, but the strength of those efforts and why they work is rooted deeply in psychology and the way our brains respond to different stimuli. Whether you’re interested in keeping an eye out to avoid the “tricks of the trade” or you’re looking to strike it rich with more valuable insights to improve your newsletter campaign click-through rate, there are a few archetypes that every good email blast falls into.

13) Elements of an Effective Tradeshow Display

Today we examine the 10 most important elements of an effective tradeshow display. Compare these guidelines with your own exhibit booth to see if you’ve included as many opportunities to make a lasting impression as you can.

14) Pop Up Display versus Tension Fabric Display

With so much discussion over the pros and cons of different trade show display styles, we wanted to compare two of the most popular and versatile solutions: The Pop Up Display versus Tension Fabric Display. Ding ding it’s time to put your gloves on exhibitors!

15) What Every Marketer Should Know About Print Design

Have you ever tried sending your graphic design team a perfectly good looking company logo JPEG to print, only to have them tell you the quality is too poor? Images can look great on the web in the perfect cozy world of RGB, while turn out with blurry mismatched colors once printed. This relates to the way colors are interpreted between digital and printed formats, as well as resolution limitations. When these principles aren’t understood between departments it can lead to costly results.