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Now that business is done so much over the Internet, companies are finding it harder and harder to connect with their customer base.  That’s why industry events such as trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions are so important.  Even as business becomes more centralized online, these events have remained popular for many reasons.  Every business that represents themselves at once of these events needs to have a well-designed booth space in order to interest and engage their potential customers.  One of the best ways to catch the eyes of attendees is to use an electronic banner sign.

The Advantage of Digital Signage


The use of television screens in displays isn’t new.  In the past there were many disadvantages to them that limited their application.  Old television screens were very heavy.  It was difficult to move them from place to place and expensive to replace if damaged.  Even though smaller television sets came on the market, large sets were still primarily used in displays because of their size.

The advent of LCD (liquid crystal display) technology has changed everything.  These screens are now used in everything from computer monitors to cell phones and TVs.  LCD screens are thin and lightweight so they’re very easy to move.  It’s now also possible to produce large screens without any loss of picture quality.  LCD screens are also considerably more energy efficient than older screens so they can be used for long periods of time without a hefty power bill.  In many ways these screens are the ideal addition to any display environment.

Putting a Digital Sign to Work

LCD banner screens give you many display options.  They can be easily mounted in frames or placed on specially designed hangers.  A screen can be added to an existing display with ease or a new display created simply by turning on the set.  Additionally, you can connect your LCD screen to a computer to display a slideshow or video of your choosing.  Electronic signs are ideal for integrating all kinds of multimedia into your display.  Consider how these ideas could be included in your next display:

  • Technical training videos
  • How-To guides
  • Product specs
  • Detailed looks at operation
  • Recruitment
  • Step by step slideshows
  • A showcase of completed projects
  • An introduction to your industry

Using Digital Signs

Digital signs are available in a number of standard sizes; they are measured diagonally, just like televisions are.  You can purchase floor stands or table stands for your signs; they can also be mounted on wall brackets.  Because they’re relatively lightweight, it’s possible to display your signs in a number of configurations.

You can add an extra dimension to your signs by the inclusion of stereo speakers.  These plug into the side of the screen and placed where you like.  It’s also possible to purchase standing frames with built-in speakers to further streamline your display space.

Digital signs make it easy to bring multimedia into your exhibition display space.  Once purchased, there’s little upkeep necessary; your sign can be made new again simply by creating a new slideshow.  Lightweight LCD screens are affordable and easy to transport; they are more efficient than older TV sets so aren’t expensive to operate for extended periods of time.  All in all, a digital sign is an excellent investment in your organization’s display materials.