Adding Technology to Maximize Engagement at your Exhibit Booth

As any trade show aficionado knows, the name of the game is GRAB ATTENTION. Some exhibitors do this by allocating a large investment toward “swag”, promotional branded giveaway items intended to stay with your visitor so they are reminded of your company weeks, months and even years later.

Others may hire pricey “booth babes” from companies actually dedicated to providing the service of attractive, confident models to represent your brand on convention day. The major drawback of these people being that it isn’t difficult to identify a scantily clad walking billboard versus a well dressed, professional and informed member of the company’s actual team. These rent-a-staffers might attract a lot of attention, but it is less likely that they will be well qualified leads that have interest and need for your products.

A third prominent way that companies get you to look their way is the booth design itself.

Now almost never are one of these above mentioned strategies used independently. Imagine standing around giving out free promotional giveaway items with no company booth to direct traffic toward, it would largely be a waste of money and effort without someone eagerly waiting to start a conversation. Displays utilizing technology are the same way, adding technology to maximize engagement at your exhibit booth can be an effective tool to compliment your display booth.

Depending on whether it’s a branded iPad Counter, or a full 20ft Gullwing Popup with built-in screens playing your company’s latest flashy product presentation. You are able to get the most use out of these tools when considering their strengths and pairing them with other display solutions that may represent your company better from a visual standpoint.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite attention grabbing tech displays!

Digital Banner Stands and Billboards

Some of the more eye-catching display solutions out there rely on just that – their screen displays. People are naturally drawn to flashing lights and dynamic imagery. One visit to the Las Vegas strip or Time Square shows just how popular this method of attracting attention has become. You do not want your booth to mimic these points of interest however. Digital signage is most effective when used sparingly as a way to grab the viewer’s passing attention just long enough to read the message.


46″ LCD Digital Billboard with Built in Media Player

A great advantage of digital signs in addition to their ability to jump out at you is their natural ability to update messaging. While digital display LCD or LED screen technology will increase the cost of a display, this cost is offset by its potential to save you money the longer it is handled with care and put to use.

With traditional displays you are forced to purchase expensive new graphics every few years, or even every year in the case of some companies that frequently change the focus of their messaging or products. When using a digital display the only cost involved is a little time to take your existing presentation materials and load them into the built-in Ad Schedule Player software that most of these display solutions feature included in the price.

Some of our favorite Digital Displays:

Digital Banner Stand

Digital Billboard and Mini Digital Billboard

Blade Digital Billboard

Charging Station Kiosks

Charging Stations are a relatively new phenomena to gain notoriety at trade shows, but by no means a surprising one. Most Americans now are practically glued to their phone or tablet device no matter where they go. During long hours at a trade show where boredom prone attendees turn to their mobile devices for a quick escape to the web or catching up on Facebook posts.

Since trade shows create a scenario where killing time, coordinating meetings and staying on top of developments all demand battery life from your device – it is no wonder why charging stations have become a fantastic new engagement tool to help you start a conversation.

We currently feature some great solutions with more variety on the way for promoting trade show attendee engagement at your display booth.

8 USB port Tabletop Charging Station with back to back Monitors

8 USB port Tabletop Charging Station with back to back Monitors

A nice feature of the tabletop model is it acts as an end table for charging devices and doubles as a place to rest your water bottle or notepad while talking to other trade show explorers. Since starting a memorable conversation is the entire purpose of this engagement tool (and trade shows in general) using this piece as a functional table for people to gather around and converse is an excellent feature. The other design consideration we love about this charging kiosk is that it comes with two monitor mounts back to back. This allows you to configure 360° brand messaging on something as portable and standalone capable as a tabletop.

iPad Counters and Kiosks

Another attractive display accessory that combines the practicality of having a branded portable table top with trendy tech devices is an iPad Counter. We feature this model with full Photomural case wrap graphic included in the cost.


39″ iPad Counter Convention Podium

With the built-in, covered nook for securely encasing your iPad Tablet, the convention podium acts as a teleprompter for presentations as well as for meeting spaces. With a tablet counter you have an interactive display at your fingertips to give personalized demonstrations to your trade show attendees.

Some of our favorite Tablet Stands and Kiosks:

Retractable Banner with Tablet Device

iPad Tension Fabric Monitor Stand

Jotter iPad Kiosk

iPad Stand with Literature Holders

24″ iPad and Banner Stand combo kit

36″ iPad and Banner Stand combo kit

iPad Kiosk with Branding

iPad Stand with Full Graphic Branding

iPad SOLO Counter Podium

Protecting Your Investment – Shipping Cases

You might think, “what good is fancy technology to attract visitors to your booth if it gets broken the first time you head out to a convention event?” Well we can’t foresee every catastrophe that might ensue, but there are definite ways to avoid mishaps due to regular wear and tear as well as “excessive roughness” during shipping. Most displays and accessories like counters will come with their own shipping case (if they don’t double as one themselves).


37-47″ Unbreakable Multimedia Dual Screen Shipping Case

There are some great solutions specifically in regard to digital LED and LCD screens. We love our new rugged “unbreakable” multimedia cases, allowing for television screens as small as 26 inches to 55 inches to be safely transported. Have more than one screen you’re shipping for your large exhibit space? No worries, the dual screen shipping case has got you covered! Make sure to watch the video where a truck is backed into the case to demonstrate its durability.

Check out our “unbreakable” screen cases:

Single Screen 26″ – 32″

Dual Screen 37″ – 47″

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at what ‘tech’ displays are available on the market and how they can be used to give your company an advantage on exhibition day.

Have questions on which accessories will help create the most engagement in your booth space? The Monster Displays team can be reached at or call (888) 484-3344, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.