Booth Graphic Tips

Have you ever been to a stand up comedy show?  Well small-booth graphics are like opening lines. If they’re effective, you get a good laugh and more importantly
hook your audience.  If you don’t prepare properly and bomb, you lose your audience and they tune you out.
Therefore, you have to make sure your booth graphics grab attention, communicate your company’s key message, and produce the maximum number of potential clientele.
Knowing what to do and what to avoid, affords you the opportunity to avoid cutting your profits and advantages short. We will cover important things to consider when you exhibit in a 10×10 or smaller space.

  • Choosing the proper booth space for maximum exposure and customer accessibility.  Avoid:  Using large booth spaces and not enough graphics or displays to properly represent your message or product.  The other no no…Overdoing it, and cramming your booth with too much.  This can cause customers to become overwhelmed and leave.
  • Make sure to enhance the right words or sentences to get your message across.  This step can be the difference between a sale and a lost client.
  • Using complementary colors to blend or contrasting colors to have product or text stand out.  Not using the proper colors together can cause text or images to be muted, illegible, or go unnoticed.
  • Avoid intricate or hard-to-read fonts that can frustrate your audience and cause them to leave.  Fancy isn’t always better, making sure your message or company name gets noticed…is.
  • Know what size your Text needs to be so that people walking by or through your booth area can clearly read and understand your message.    You can use text size to highlight key words or phrases to attract attention, and passersby to your booth.
  • Proof read your artwork before printing!  This saves you from reprint costs, rush printing and shipping charges, and embarrassment during your show.
  • Text and image placement…putting your text and primary images at the proper viewing heights depending on whether your graphics run to the floor or are displayed on a tabletop.

You don’t have to exhibit “big” in order to effectively convey your message.  Following these simple yet effective tips can be the difference between a successful show and a stressful experience.