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Coming up with creative trade show display ideas is important when you are planning to attend any type of trade show or convention. Attendees at these events are going to encounter hundreds or even thousands of different products and it is your job to create a booth display that will not only draw them in but leave them with a long lasting impression.

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You will need to catch their attention and make them want to approach your booth. The best way to do that is with custom signage. There are many different types of displays and signs to choose from depending on the size of your space and your company’s budget. Make sure that whatever type of sign you choose you message is clear, to the point, and professional. Investing in a good quality graphic print, no matter the size is a good step toward presenting a creative trade show display.

Now that you have a potential client’s attention it is important to provide them with a unique experience during their time at your booth. Here are some creative trade show display ideas that will ensure your product stands out from the others.

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After being bombarded by visuals throughout the trade show many people are unable to retain large amounts of information. When you are designing your trade show booth display, keep the information concise. Choose two or three unique qualities about your product and make them the theme of your booth. Everyone wants to communicate all the information about their products but by focusing on a limited amount of information you are delivering a message that people can remember. The point of a convention is to deliver your brands message to as many people as you can.

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Getting visitors to your booth involved in a game or other engaging activity can also help create a memory they will remember. Many booths will just be handing out marketing pamphlets so if you create and interactive experience people are more likely to remember your product. Make sure you keep the time needed to participate in your booth activities to a minute or two, people are often on a tight schedule.

Colorful signage, a direct message, and a hands on experience are all great creative trade show display ideas to help ensure your next trade show is a success.