Elements of an Effective Tradeshow Display

Today we examine the 10 most important elements of an effective tradeshow display. Compare these guidelines with your own exhibit booth to see if you’ve included as many opportunities to make a lasting impression as you can.

1 Meeting Areas

If meeting areas are required, consider placement and whether you need privacy to make your visitors feel comfortable.

2 Smart Storage

Inconspicuous storage keeps your booth clean and organized, keeping valuable equipment, and materials safe and out of the way.

3 Interactive Content

Don’t just look – touch! Engage your audience further and deliver your message in a more memorable way.

4 Collateral Materials

70% of collateral ends up being thrown away in the host city. Use A / V and digital devices to get your message across and follow up post-show with collateral.

5 AV Content

Content is king. Keep content simple. Deliver your message clearly in a short loop. Remember, animations and videos have more draw than a slideshow.

6 Giveaways

A clever, useful and memorable giveaway will attract visitors and help them remember your name. The best giveaways will make it back to a potential client’s desk.

7 Data Capture

One of the most important things you can do is capture data of your target audience. Lead retrieval programs makes capture easy!

8 Knowledgeable Staff

Fully brief your stand staff prior to the event so that they understand show goals, messages to promote and the investment you’ve made, and what is expected of them.

9 Color

Consider the psychological effects of color and how it can be applied to architecture, graphics, flooring, furniture and lighting.

10 360 Branding

Brand all sides of your booth for maximum visibility throughout the show floor. Making your statement is key in reaching your target audience.