5 Ways to Increase Conversion at Point of Purchase

Point of purchase promotion is held as one of the most effective marketing mechanisms, with some studies reporting a boost in sales of as much as 2,000 percent. Just like in Trade Show Marketing, at POP you have limited time and customer attention to contend with. Buyers usually arrive with their own browsing objectives in mind, so borrowing some of their time to communicate the value of your offer isn’t always easy.

We have compiled some insightful tips to help you gain the attention you need to increase your success rate at retail.

Think about what makes you take notice of a product when checking out at the cashier. Was it a unique and interesting sign arrangement? The color layout and images or a clever headline perhaps? Realizing in one way or another we are all consumers is your first strength. That moment of vulnerability when you take interest and want to buy something that you had no previous need – those are the gems you want to recreate and concentrate on.

When successfully positioned, marketing at the customer’s point of purchase grabs attention and tugs at someone’s emotional needs. They make a knee-jerk reaction and decide to buy something they had not intended to and if they thought about it long enough, may not have bought at all. This is in no way meant to be deceptive, but instead saying the right words and showing an image that creates desire; a feeling that this product will improve their lives.

1) Create a Colorful and Unique Design
Like advertising on a billboard or a trade show event, your major obstacle is time and attention. Reaching your audience within a retail space, already saturated with promotional messaging requires clear messaging and careful color choice. Use vibrant colors that create a positive mood or association with your product.

Appealing imagery such as people pictured having great fun is a popular way to grab attention on a retail counter. However you gain their attention, this is only your first concern. Messaging is going to be key. When a potential customer looks at your display, you want to be able to quickly communicate the value of your product or offer. If these design fundamentals are not mastered your displays will have much less chance of converting a customer to a sale.

2) Feature Products with Attention Grabbing Design
Using good design conventions is fantastic, but can only get you so far. The product itself needs to be something that fits your goal. If the item requires more involved thought, or is on the expensive side you will find that these are stop points where the customer will consider why they are about to buy this and can easily talk themselves out of the purchase.An example of traditional checkout purchases are magazines and candy that are easily bought without much consideration.

Usually these items are kept around eye level and their own packaging is enough to sell them. However most other products you are trying to call attention to will need specific signage.To call attention to your point of purchase displays they can be uniquely added to the floor, a counter top sign or standalone display with product samples to help them get noticed.

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3) Prompt Interest with Promotions and Discounts
Offering special discounts makes consumers feel savvy, like they belong to an exclusive club. Remember to always communicate a sense of urgency – your offer won’t last long so act now.By cycling between different promotions you are able to create a sense of urgency and freshness, something to look forward to and a reason for customer’s to check back frequently to learn what is on sale.
4) Animate and Engage with Modern Digital Signs
Newer digital screen displays have been growing in popularity and offer great attraction potential compared to traditional displays. Though they cost much more up front, they benefit from animated effects and motion that draws the eye in. They can also be used for many years without needing to print entirely new graphics. The digital medium allows a marketing team to design completely original forms of messaging that can be updated frequently so the promotions stay fresh.

Digital Displays grab attention

5) Understand the Audience and Keep it Fresh
It is crucial to keep your promotions cycling and in line with the overall sales goals that need attention within your business. As discussed in the need of printing new promotional displays regularly and utilizing digital displays to keep your message fresh, this gives your customers an expectation and you benefit from loyal consumers seeking you out rather than spending additional funds to create awareness and pull them back in to buy.Solo-Curvo-Shelves-Hdr-Gfx

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about how to improve your point of purchase conversions through your exhibit display.

Have questions on which outdoor displays are the best fit for your objectives and budget? There are many banner stands, kiosks and demonstration workstations that serve as excellent solutions for your P.O.P. strategy. The Monster Displays team can be reached at Sales@MonsterDisplays.com or call (888) 484-3344, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.