Packing Tips & Travel Secrets

Nearly every airline is charging baggage fees, so packing as efficiently as possible is as important as travel itself.
Businesses want to keep track of every penny and airlines want to find cash in new places
Where you’re going and what you’ll do there should guide packing, but it is most important to know your absolute essentials.

  • The ability to wash shirts and underwear is important to know in deciding whether to bring laundry soap or not.
  • Knowing your arrival/departure times at the airport for a flight, determines if you’ll be packing your own food.  Most airport restaurants are not open 24 hours.
  • Personal electronics like e-book readers and laptops. A  camera to post your travel videos online.  Make sure to include each devices own proprietary recharging device.
  • Avoid heavy garments, even in winter. Traveling with one pair of shoes, or select shoes, that coordinate with more than one outfit.  Three pairs should be the maximum.
  • Wearing basic solid colors makes it easier for pairing multiple outfits out of the same items.  Select garments that travel well like a 50-50 percent cotton-polyester blend combo, or similar.  Example:  Basic pieces like black pants that don’t wrinkle and black tops, then packs small accessories like scarves and jewelry.

No matter what, take the time to think hard about what you are going to bring.  This will provide less stress during travel time and allow you to dedicate more time to preparing for your trade show, presentation, or convention.