Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas that Convert Leads Better

Are you looking for ways to improve your on-site strategy at your next trade show? Tradeshow giveaway items can be a great way to give your exhibit visitors something to go home with so they can better remember your brand. Many of these items have become a status quo and show up time and time again at conventions – but do they do a good job at motivating a call back?

Let’s look at tradeshow giveaway ideas that convert leads better…

The main purpose of trade show events is to showcase a wide variety of options for attendees and business to engage and interact with each other. With a well-designed trade show booth that draws attendees’ attention, a few promotional items, a contest opportunity with giveaways and sales collateral, you have a well-rounded booth experience that leaves an impression with a prospective customer for months. Consider having attendees enter a drawing by submitting a business card or completing an action on social media. These types of promotions serve dual purposes: increasing engagement and capturing potential contact information as well.

1. SmartPocket for Mobile Devices
The SmartPocket sleeve for mobile devices is an example of one of the newer giveaways growing in popularity. These capitalize on the high demand that our mobile devices are under. Since our phones go with us everywhere, these branding add-ons can also. This slim silicone pocket attaches to the outside of any mobile device and is perfect for storing driver’s licenses, credit cards, hotel keycards, business cards, and cash. It even protects card strips from deactivation.

2. Microfiber Cloth
Microfiber cloths are always valuable. They’re the kind of product that everyone needs to effectively clean mobile devices, laptops, CDs, eyeglasses and LCDs, but most people forget to buy for themselves. These branded microfiber cloths come in a vinyl pouch, so they’re easy for trade show attendees to carry around and store.

3. Phone Stand
Branded phone stands with a non-slip pad are another great option for trade show giveaways. Considering our phones go everywhere with us and even sit in front of most of us at work, these simple stands get a lot of use. People get excited about these phone stands because they’re out of the ordinary, yet they can see the value right away. This particular phone stand folds flat for easy storage, so it makes the perfect trade show swag. This is the type of promotional product that people will keep on their desks and use frequently.

4. Lip Balm
The great thing about branded lip balm is that it’s an inexpensive promotional item that leaves a lasting impression. People normally keep lip balm in their purse or bag, and every time they use it they’ll be reminded of your brand. The promotional lip balm pictured here features a laminated label to protect your company logo and is available in a variety of flavors. This promotional item may not have the longest shelf life, but should get you lots of brand recognition for the person who repeatedly uses it.

5. Scratch Pad
This is an oldie but a goodie – how many times have you been searching for a scrap piece of paper to quickly jot something down? Scratch pads are another consistently useful promotional item that people will keep by their desks and use frequently. The reach on these extends even further than the original recipient; when they write someone a note, they’ll also be handing them your brand.

6. Stylus Pen
Stylus pens merge the traditional with the modern, giving your brand an even bigger opportunity to get in front of an audience. Whether the person is writing or using their mobile devices, they’ll be reaching for a tool with your logo and brand colors.

7. Color Change Stadium Cup
Branded drinkware is steadily rising in popularity, and it’s going beyond mugs. These sturdy, reusable color change stadium cups are a fun, surprising, and inexpensive item that people will enjoy using. According to the ASI Global Impressions Study, branded drinkware is just as likely to be kept in the office as it is at home. And the best part: you can choose a color that reflects your brand, or mix it up with a rainbow of fun colors.

8. Power Bank
Power banks have recently become one of the most popular promotional items among my clients, and for good reason. Not only are these small, sleek mobile chargers unbelievably convenient and useful, they also look great with a company logo imprinted on them. They’re perfect for trade shows because they charge smart phones and other mobile devices on the go without needing to plug them in.

9. Reusable Tote Bag
Still one of the most popular and multipurpose giveaway choices that people will hang onto and use a long time. Reusable tote bags make a big impact after the event is over, but they also increase your visibility during the event. When trade show attendees are collecting swag from every booth, they’ll be glad they have a tote bag to carry everything. Then they’re walking around the trade show displaying your brand for everyone to see! Learn more here.

Have questions about which trade show giveaway products will be a good match for your brand? We have helped thousands of clients create effective backwall displays for promoting their brand. Some items offer longer lasting brand association than others. Give us a call, our exhibit experts are always happy to discuss options and recommend the best display for your company’s needs.

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